I will probably always maintain some level of finished inventory.  Mostly because I enjoy the search for new opportunities.  I look for individual pieces that really challenge my imagination.  I  develop these projects  because I feel that I should have some existing inventory for the casual buyer.   As well, too visibly display examples of the quality of my work.

My passion, however, would be more towards taking potential customers from concept to completed project.  Finding the best possible wood selections, and finishing those pieces to your complete satisfaction.

The advantage in working with CLEF beyond the economic benefit, would be the personalized service afforded to you and our ability to work outside of the box in finding your specific solution.

If the effect you're searching for is to fill a particular space in your home or office.  If this accent piece is a single piece of wood,the selection process is fairly simple.  However, if you're searching for multiple matching components for that space.  Rather than selecting multiple pieces of individual wood slabs of appropiate size.  A more cleaver and cost effective solution might be looking for a much larger, single slab.  Sometimes the selection of a single larger slab can be divided in such a way as to preserve the Live Edge ambiance you're looking for.   As well, it would allow you to carry over all the necessary character elements to satisfy the project requirements.  This would give you matching furniture from the same piece of wood and grain and could be considerably less expensive. Those individual pieces wouldn't hold the same overall feeling or mirror images that would bind those pieces together visually.

I have relationships with multiple vendors in the live edge industry.  This gives me the ability to shop for inventory on a much wider scale.  Far more advantageous than a single retail outlet.   As well, I have access to a broader base of trends and knowledge through exposure to more product offerings. 

Each piece that I work with offers unique opportunities not always available in previous projects.  Sometimes leaving milling marks or open cracks in the wood surface, allows you to be able to maintain a overall depth in the wood.  While milling out these character issues would reduce that piece to a thinner overal thickness. The visual enhancement of character in a piece, as a unique alternative, can sometimes compensate for a small loss in usable counter space.  Its a personal preference.  However, if necessary as an alternative choice sometimes those character images could be preserved, supported or enhanced.  Epoxy fillers would allow for more usable surface area, but there is some debate on how they effect the longitivity of the work.  LIve edge wood will expand and contract with the seasonal changes, as will most wood products.  This over time could have an adverse effect as a potential solution. 

The beauty in a relationship with CLEF is your ability to pre-select a specific piece of wood and define it's finish, character and legs.  You also have the option of using an existing speculative project that I have completed.  Making personal changes to that piece like finish, or character adjustment, or leg style.  These personal changes would allow you to personalize a piece and fulfill a specific requirement you find necessary.