This is a 38.5" x 44"  Black Walnut  slab 2.5"  thick, legs are also Walnut 1/2" x 5", 15" high and stained to match.   This piece is mostly flat, but a strong character dip on the one side facing front.  The legs are interchangeable and can be changed to choices of your preference.

$ 600.00

This is a piece of Black Walnut, 26.5" x 22.5" x 1.75" thick.  It is a dark rich color, I have it on display as an end table, but with longer legs could be a sofa table or anything you wanted.


This is a 2" thick, 44" long and 38.5" wide piece of English Walnut.  Legs are Live Edge Maple, 15" tall and 15 and 18" wide respectively.  This is a very slide, heavy table with lots of character in the table top.  I have used epoxy to fill in the void on the one damaged extension, and then used that same flow to fill in the recession behind and to the left of that piece of the table to make the table flat.  Eight coats of Sam Maloof Polyurethane / Oil finish with increasingly finer sanding between coats, have given this piece outstanding color and death.


This is a very unique piece of Elm, I call it the Saxophone table.  The section of wood on the left, was only held on to the main body but a thin connection at the bottom of the piece where the table thins out.  I had to rebuild that corner with an Epoxy filler in four different stages.  The front leg is Live Edge Maple, the rear is metal because I didn't have enough room to fit a matching piece.  You will notice the legs are leaning to some degree, this is to support the imbalance and weight distribution in this table.

$ 450.00