The two small blocks are pieces of Maple and I will use them for the legs.  They will be 15" high and one is 18" wide, the other 16.5"  I don't want to cut the wide one, as I would lose the LIve Edge on one side so I will line them up centered to balance the appearance.  This will be a very sturdy, heavy table, excellent for a coffee or sofa table application.

This is a piece of Elm, lots of character, but a lot of work in the surfacing and sanding.

This is my current project. It is by far the most complex and the largest piece I have attempted.  This is English Walnut, 44" x 41" x 2" thick at the small end, 3" on the back side.  There is a lot of character potential in this piece. In order to maintain as much of that character and save the visual effect during the  leveling and rough finish stage, I had to leave some of the tooling marks in place,  They appear as low spots representing a surface difference of about 1/16" in just the low areas.  I will fill that area with epoxy at the same time I fill in between the fingers on the front and side edges.  I am looking at using a Danish Tongue Oil on this one, instead of the usual oil & urethane top coat which I typically use.   This piece has some light areas in the wood fiber and I don't want to lose the depth in color with a lighter finish.

These are  two almost matching pieces of Maple, lot of surfacing is going to be needed in order to get a flat top, but could make very interesting end tables.