This is a good example of what I start with in the individual project selection.  I look for wood with a lot of character.  Wood that has the potential to bring something functional to your room. As well, a piece that will come out colorful and appealing as an attractive enhancement to the mood you're trying to create.


I have been working with wood for almost fifteen years now.  I found this to be very relaxing and a rewarding alternative to the professional demands of my previous career.  My first real project was converting an old greyhound bus into a finished motor home.  I like colorful hardwoods.  My focus with that project was building quality cabinets, counter bases, and trim using mostly Cherry and Walnut.  Over time I found a number of excellent specialty wholesale lumber businesses where I could get interesting wood to work with.  Some of my favorite suppliers already had Live Edge slabs.  Mostly huge pieces of wood that were beyond my expertise or capacity to handle in my shop.  From the bus, I moved to book shelves in our home. For my son's home, a complete kitchen and bedroom rebuild, and a walnut desk for Christmas with matching credenzas.  Tables for my daughter made from reclaimed barn wood.  At the same time I started seeing finished end and coffee tables made from Live Edge slabs. These pieces were remarkably beautiful and much smaller and easier to handle.  This was looking like something that would be a good test of my craftsmanship as well as potential projects I could handle in my shop.

Retired now and bored, I invested in a couple of live edge slabs that really interested me.  The first two completed projects are now on display in the Gallery section.  These are the first and second pieces that I have for sale: the Maple and Walnut slabs.  After finishing these pieces I went looking for constructive criticism to validate my work.   I found interested parties other than friends and family who found my work impressive and validated my effort.  With that encouragement I started looking for more complex projects to develop.  Since each slab holds its own unique character possibilities, I began experimenting with the various skills I would need to expose that potential, and deliver as much of the beauty available in each project.   

Interested and visualizing the real potential for success, I took the next logical step in being able to bring my creations to the marketplace.  Essentially, developing and registering the business end of CLEF.

I hope you find my work interesting and a possible resource for your current needs or future projects.  I'm looking forward to you becoming my next client.