Looking for LIve Edge Furniture?  There are two primary considerations for your planned purchase:  functionality and character.  These two elements define the  choices in your selection.   Something eye catching, unique, and appealing for the room in question, but also functional as an asset to that same environment.


While we are always looking for and preparing speculative furniture pieces for sale to the casual buyer.   At CLEF we also have the ability to work with you in finding the right piece of raw wood for your application.  A solution that fits the design of your required project:  a coffee, sofa, or end table, credenza, or possibly an entertainment center. We will work with you on the design and final finish to ensure that the end product you are looking for, is to your complete satisfaction. Our goal is to present to you a unique heirloom quality  product that will be a compliment and a pleasure for you in your home or office.